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Capturing Love Stories

Our mission is to go beyond mere photographs—we aim to encapsulate the true essence of who you are, ensuring that each image tells your story in its purest form.

Creating your Legacy

We don’t just capture moments; we craft timeless love stories. Each frame narrates the unique tale of your special day, from stolen glances to heartfelt vows. Let us be the author of your visual love story – a cherished legacy for generations.



My passion lies in capturing the beauty, joy, and love of each couple on their special day. I have a keen eye for vibrant colors and an adventurous spirit that helps me create stunning and timeless images that tell each couple’s unique love story.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m a devoted husband and father to two amazing kids Jacob and Emma. My wife, Jennifer, and I love to spend our free time building Lego princess castles and watching superhero adventure movies.

A family posing for a photo in an autumn park, captured by New Jersey Wedding Photographer.


We believe that every special moment should be lived to the fullest and that love is love.

He captured the most special moments on our big day and we’re absolutely obsessed with all of our pictures.


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A man standing in front of a table with a camera, captured by New Jersey Wedding Photographer Jarot Bocanegra.